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||Report bugs here||


Found a bug in-game or maybe even on the forums? Please report it here. Use the default template I made here:
Where:   (Use this only if theres a special place for the bug you are reporting)
What's happening?: (REQUIRED)
When: (Don't use this if it isn't needed)
How did you find it?: (REQUIRED)

Now report some bugs!

Found one actually now. Here it is
What's happening?: While Radio DJ you can't buy Radio.
How did you find it?: Became Radio DJ and tried to buy one.

That's all! Now Basse fix it :)

(GB) BasseFrans:
I'm going to fix that, but im not sure what the problem is yet, so im gonna have to remove the jobs before fixing them.

Good :)

seems like this forum is dead....


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