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What Position are you appealing for - Admin
Why do you want to become a member of staff for our community? - I feel this is a very good server and want to help keep it running well and support it
How old are you? - 14
GMT Time zone - Scotland, Glasgow
How much will you play in a day - 1 or So hours . Weekends, could be up to 8 hours
How Active are you? - Gaming, or fitness?.
Are you well known? - Yes, an admin knows me
How would you act in a hacking situation? - I would kick them and if they join again, I would ban them for a 1 or so.

Aproved by Admin Yoda Forum Moderator

(GB) BasseFrans:
This has been taking care of, you are a (Test admin) so you are an admin, but dont **** up.

Hmm, 1 hour you say? That's not very much but since you said you could play up to 8 hours on weekends. I'll +SUPPORT this.


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