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(GB) BasseFrans:
What you need to tell about your job sugestion
The name of class/job
The character model
What weapons Class should spawn with
What he/she should be able to spawn? Weapons etc.

Please note that im not gonna add unserious jobs

Job: Programmer
Description: This job will be able to spawn Computers, set up them and sell them to people.

I suggested this because I saw we got PCMod now so why not have a programmer job. And programmer can also be some kind of Wire Expert. Help people with wire. That's all i guess.

That's a good suggestion job, But why not just make a Job called Pc Tech? Selling the computers, allready programmed?

(GB) BasseFrans:
Im gonna make that Job,  but programmer has nothing to do with building pc's and installing programs on them, so im gonna call it Tech Guy or Pc Tech

How about 2 different gangs with several jobs and which can have gang war or just own hoods,

or how about firefighter job with fire addon that places can set up on fire and firefighter has extinguishers and can extinguish the fires, and some molotovs for sale that can set up fire manually :D

or how about Hotel jobs like: hotel manager and etc, which can rent rooms and service ppl,

or how about guard job for that ppl can hire him to guarding shops, houses, hotels, property.

or how about Shop owner which has some leagal stuff to sell and will need some addons that it would be possible, or how about Undercover cop which has like: Citizen disquise and etc.
or how about some how about more


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